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OléMains! (FR)

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Year Published: 2021
Language: French
Playing Time: 40 minutes
Number of Players: 4- 16 players
Recommended Ages: 14+ years
Categories: Party Game
Mechanics: Acting , Team-Based Game
Description: Put a card on your forehead and your team must make you guess it. As soon as the word is found, you take another card. You got 1 minute to guess as many as you can. Then, the other team do the same, on the same theme.

9 themes in total on each, they'll compete. Celebrities, songs, trademarks, sports... there is a theme for each and everyone of you. You'll have to mime, hum, describe... each theme has its own rule.

And not so fast... On each theme, you'll draw a card as a handicap. Try to mime with your elbow stuck against your body, then you'll realise how funny it is.

As you can see, OléMains! is a fun party game !

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