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Lords of Hellas: Atlas

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Designer: Adam Kwapiński
Year Published: 2018
Language: English
Playing Time: 240 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 4 players
Categories: Ancient , Civilization , Expansion for Base-game , Miniatures , Mythology , Science Fiction
Mechanics: Time Track , Variable Player Powers , Worker Placement
Description: This expansion can be used in game twofold. It will get you Garden of Hesperides and Atlas Overload expansions.

Will you help mighty Atlas carry weight of the world? Or will you steal Golden Apples from mythical Garden of Hesperides? Those expansions come in this package with:

Plastic Atlas monument (120 mm height)
15 Golden Apple tokens
Plastic weight token
Double-sided board

This expansion will have 2 ways of usage: Atlas overload / The Garden of the Hesperides!

In Garden of Hesperides Atlas will be very unique "monument" - here are some highlights:

Starts game already fully build (miniature comes in 1 part)
Players can send up up to 6 soldiers to it (instead of priests)
Thanks to sacrificing soldiers you can collect Golden Apples
Golden Apples are your additional resource you will be exchange instantly during game for various bonuses, such us: Healing Hero wound, saving solider from death, adding army strength to battle and exchanging more Apples will grant more epic bonuses.
Atlas can carry alternative side of the board with The Garden of the Hesperides.

You will be able to use model for both Atlas overload and The Garden of the Hesperides - so by adding this expansion you get 2 gameplay additions!
The Garden of the Hesperides expansion:

It will create a lot of cool situation and excitment with additional resources that can be instantly used in very different situation.

In this expansion, you can choose to start with Atlas as a 4th monument. He comes into the game fully build.

Players using their normal action can send maximum of 1 hoplite from any region (this rules will be different for 2 players) under Atlas. They stay there until all 6 slots will be covered (building monuments have no effect on them). Once 6 slots are fully covered, all players sacrifice hoplites to Atlas and in return he steals Golden Apples from Garden of the Hesperides.

Each player will get as many Golden apple tokens as many hoplites he had under monument.

Golden apples can be "consumed" at any time of the game and will have various effects: From healing hero wounds, saving hoplite's, adding strength to battle to more powerful effects if you will choose to consume more then one apple.
Reminder - Atlas Overload rules

This expansion will negate winning condition, that the game ends once any monuments gets fully build.

You will place Atlas miniature next to a Board with Atlas Overload board and place "weight" token on 0 on the track. Whenever a new temple / part of monument or monster will appear on the Board - you will be adding weight on Atlas shoulder.

Once weight token will reach 12, Atlas systems shut-down and his crisis procedures are starting. From now on at the end of every players turn, you will decrease the weight value by 1. Once it will reach 0 - Atlas systems shut down completely and world falls apart. All players loose the game.

But you can help Atlas carry his weight! You will put "Aid to Atlas" quest token in one of the regions. Players can delegate their heroes to help atlas - if they will, they are removing their hero out of the board for the rest of the game, but increase the weight track by the value of their strength (so "add turns").

This expansion will change a little bit dynamics of the game and create a ticking "clock" that will count the time before the inevitable end of the game.

More Information: here