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Designer: Alf Seegert

Artist: Ryan Laukat

Year Published:  2018

Number of Players: 2 players

Playing Time: 30 - 45 minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+

Categories: Animals, Card Game, Environmental, Fantasy, Fighting, Territory Building

Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Area Enclosure, Hand Management, Press Your Luck, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers

The mystical forest has been home and haven to beasts, spirits, and forgotten gods for thousands of years. While the Forest Guardian slumbers, a nearby human village has grown into a city, a monster of iron and furnaces, hungry for the resources of the forest. Can the forest creatures discover enough potent lore to defend their ancient home from the ravenous city? Or will the city use this lore to power their machines and turn the forest against itself? The battle for HAVEN begins!

In HAVEN, you and your opponent battle for control of a mystical forest. The forest’s Guardian Spirit sleeps deeply and can no longer protect his kingdom. One of you controls the City in an effort to master the vulnerable forest using iron lore and machines. The other plays as the Forest and its creatures who attempt to defend their home with the aid of leaf lore and forest spirits.

To obtain the power needed to oppose your enemy, you must send Seekers to compete for the Lore controlled by Lore Guardians. This Lore is used to perform powerful actions by Loremasters.

IRON LORE grants the power of destruction
WATER LORE permits flow and manipulation
LEAF LORE empowers new growth

Lore also enables players to summon Shamans and create Shrines in different Havens in the forest. Players score bonus points by surrounding forest Groves and filling them with Outposts.

When one type of Lore is depleted or all Havens are controlled by players, the Forest Guardian awakes and the player with the higher score masters the forest — or defends it from harm — and wins the game.

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