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Designed by Bruno Cathala & Charles Chevallier. Art by Xavier Collette

Number of Players: 2 - 4 players

Year Published: 2014

Playing Time:  45 minutes

Age: 14+


For centuries, creatures without peer have ruled the depths of the ocean.  Their kingdom, called Abyss, is respected by all their allied races, who are glad to received protection from the fearsome monsters of the deep.

But soon the throne of Abyss will be vacant… Why not claim it for yourself?

Time is pressing: only a few days remain before the next monarch will be nominated. You must expand your influence so you appear to be the clear choice. It is urgent that you:

  • AFFILIATE the best representatives of the ALLIED RACES
  • RECRUIT honored LORDS (and benefit from their powers); and
  • CONTROL important LOCATIONS in the kingdom

Your success depends on your ability to make the right choices. Keep in mind that in the depths of the sea money fuels conflict – so managing your precious pearls properly is key to controlling events – and, of course, luck only favors the bold!

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