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The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

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  • Designer: Joe Van Wetering
  • Artist: Justin Erickson,Mark Simpson (II)
  • Year Published:  2017
  • Number of Players: 4 - 8 players
  • Playing Time: 60 minutes
  • Recommended Ages: 17+
  • Categories: Horror, Movies / TV / Radio theme
  • Board Game Geek


Relive John Carpenter's classic sci-fi horror movie. The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 puts you in the snow boots of your favourite characters from the movie. Your staff is being infected by an entity, a thing. Feel the claustrophobia and isolation from the Antarctic as you try to uncover who in your staff is actually infected by the alien. Find your way through the base and, if you're lucky, escape. 

This is one of the greatest and complex secret-identity-games out there. If you like Dead of Winter or Shadows over Camelot, you will adore this title. It's tense, highly thematic and yet, easy to learn.