The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – The Mines of Moria

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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – The Mines of Moria

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG)

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Designer: Caleb Grace
Artist: Nate Abell , Pedro Amato , Cristi Balanescu , Ryan Barger , Stu Barnes , Juan Carlos Barquet , Mark Behm , Sara Betsy , Dimitri Bielak , Lin Bo , Jon Bosco , Noah Bradley , Leanna Crossan , Stanislav Dikolenko , Guillaume Ducos , Tony Foti , Sergey Glushakov , Katy Grierson , Ilich Henriquez , Rafał Hrynkiewicz , Aurélien Hubert , Jason Juta , Timo Karhula , Igor Kieryluk , David Lecossu , Jake Murray , David Auden Nash , Winona Nelson , Paulo Puggioni , Gabrielle Portal , Michael Rasmussen , Emilio Rodriguez , Jasper Sandner , Matthew Starbuck , Sandra Tang , Salvador Trakal , Jokubas Uogintas , Jose Vega , Magali Villeneuve , Michael Wolmarans , Ben Zweifel
Year Published: 2019
Language: English
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 2 players
Categories: Expansion for Base-game , Adventure , Card Game , Collectible Components , Fantasy , Novel-based
Mechanics: Cooperative Game , Hand Management , Variable Player Powers
Description: Featuring 78 cards, The Mines of Moria invites you to enter this massive underground realm and create a custom-built The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game scenario filled with Spiders, Goblins, and other perilous encounters of your choice. As you play, you’ll come across many familiar cards with new and unexpected abilities, creating a unique new experience.

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