Dinoblivion (En/Fr)

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Dinoblivion (En/Fr)

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Designer: Jean-François Gauthier
Artist: Jean-François Gauthier
Year Published: 2020
Language: Multi(EN/FR)
Playing Time: 45 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 2 players
Recommended Ages: 12+ years
Categories: Adventure , Card Game , Fighting , Prehistoric
Mechanics: Deck, Bag, and Pool Building , Variable Player Powers

Dinoblivion, dominez la terre des Dinosaures!

Dinoblivion est un jeu de cartes stratégique combinant le Deck-building, le "Tableau-building" et la gestion de ressources. Situé dans un univers où les humains coexistent avec les dinosaures, vous contrôlez les membres de votre clan, devez gérez vos ressources et former des combos pour maximiser vos chances de gagner.

Dinoblivion propose 2 modes de jeu. Dans le mode Duel, vous devrez terminer le jeu avec le plus grand nombre de points de Victoire pour vaincre votre adversaire. Dans le mode Solo, vous devrez vous confronter au peuple de la jungle! Pour gagner la partie, vous devrez éliminer tous les dinosaures sur le plateau principal.

-- English Description --

-Dinoblivion, Conquer the Dinosaur's Land!-

Dinoblivion is a game of strategy: a combination of Tableau and Deck Building Elements set in a Universe where Humanity has to coexist with Dinosaurs. Playing Solo or against each other, you control primitive people who must fight off Dinosaurs and conquer the promised land of Dinoblivion. It is a quick strategy game where you can take advantage of Multi-Use Cards to make sure you always have interesting choices. Based on the ever-changing cards in the hunting grounds, develop a long-term strategy and find the best combinations between cards to become the most glorious clan!

The game is about hunting, expanding your clan, managing your resources, building mighty Totems and fighting Great Dinosaurs! Every game will be different with 4 unique Clan Chiefs to play, 16 Actions Cards and 15 Clan Cards with Multi-Use functionality. Be ready to fight 8 different dinosaurs in addition to Cannibals hidden in the jungle!

All in all, it's 122 Cards, 40 different ones. 2 Player Boards, 1 Main Board, 12 Wooden Meeples, 6 Food Tokens, 12 Dino Tokens, 24 Dinosaur Egg Tokens and 1 Rule Book.

Join the Dinoblivion universe and Take Over the Land of the Dinosaurs!

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