Colors of Paris (Couleurs de Paris) (EN/FR) [Jeux de société]

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  • Langue: Multi - Français - English
  • Designer: Nicolas De Oliveira
  • Artiste: Fabrice Weiss
  • Année de publication: 2019
  • Nombre de joueurs: 2-4 joueurs
  • Temps de jeu: 60 minutes
  • Âge: 10+
  • Board Game Geek


You are a painter in Colors of Paris, and you've decided to participate in "Bateau Lavoir", a friendly competition between several painters in a workshop in Montmartre, Paris. The newspapers know about this challenge, so perhaps this is a good opportunity to become famous, following the path of Cézanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, or Renoir...

Colors of Paris is a management game in which you must take care of your paint tubes, mixtures, and time to create works, all the while anticipating others to perform as needed within a rotating set of actions.